New!  Save the Date and your Photo Session will be Free!

Let's Create Memorable Pictures!

In a Destination Photo Session we'll go to amazing places where your pictures will come out so cool!

We'll make this photo-shoot a fun and enjoyable experience, and we'll capture these special moments making then live forever.

Wait, wait! I will also capture the details you've taken so much time to plan to tell an in-depth story of your day. 

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Couples Session

All LV Photo Sessions

Hotel Weddings

If you like the sound of that, it's a good start : )  Contact me @ or call me @ 702-236-5637 You can call or text me anytime to find out more. 



Check this out! I always used to editing a video with certain photos and music at your choice. It's a great way to share your memories in social media or by email as well !

+ Your Video as a Gift ! Why ?

Well, simply because I found it to be a completely different way, but a very cool way for you to show and share your pictures, and your lifetime story with your family and friends, and that's why, in appreciation, for allowing me to be part of your very special event, this video it will be my personal gift for you : )